Blog for Hillary, Neither Clever or Inciteful

I have been on the Hillary Clinton email list for a long time now….watching and listening. Yes, I have a Hillary bumper sticker on the back of our 11 year old Montero Sport. Now when Hillary is being blasted for words taken out of context I thought I’d contribute a monetarily insignificant amount to the campaign. Of course I don’t agree with everything she has done or said but I don’t need her to be dramatic, warm and cuddly or perfect. I still struggle with the fact that she voted to go into Iraq saying now it was a mistake. (Ah, imagine a president that will admit a mistake.) I need a candidate to acknowledge the fact that the US is made up of people not just corporations. I like her because she is tough and has been through a lot of experiences that would have done some people in. Interestingly one of the things I find strong about her, staying with Bill Clinton, when he was totally screwing up, other women criticize seeing it was the wrong decision. I ask in her situation “what’s harder cutting out or forgiveness”. But it is not why I have followed her campaign. My number one reason is Health. 47 million without insurance should not be ignored. And even with insurance so much out of pocket expenses can send you to the poor house. Health has been her interest since she was first lady and her plan was dumped. At least making the attempt to overhaul our health system has shown her some of what will work and what won’t. How do people learn anyhow? She was the first with a more detailed plan as a candidate. She has my contribution. Maybe my vote will follow.

Spots before my eyes…..

I have detected spots… age spots appearing without warning. It’s like when I decided I was going to take my social security I was branded with age spots. And the jaw line (which was never much to speak of) began to sag. Oh, the hair had begun it’s graying several years ago, not alarmingly so, more of a real ash blonde. I am trying not to mind it. I like to think of it as a sophisticated taupe neutral which should go with everything. Trying to adjust. And then today as I looked for where to park my shopping cart a 30 something guy tried to help as if my gray matter had grayed even more. Wow.

Then there was the picture of Eric Clapton in the Esquire. He was looking very spotty. He is 62, a couple months older than me. So he is ahead of me in spots. I find myself looking at other women and trying to determine if they are my age. I suspect they often are younger when I think we are age equal.

But then at the Tavern a 20ish woman came up and ordered a Bud. She noticed my glasses and asked if they were retro. I said “No they are just Pradas”. She said they were cool. Alright then….here’s to aging gracefully but more than that here’s to aging cool.

Keeping the Elephants Away

To Keep the Elephants Away

by Muriel Fahrion

Daughter/ granddaughter of dementia
Despite her attempt
To disclaim her inheritance
Feels it encroaching
A huge lead gray block
Of impenetrable compressed mystery
lumbering toward her so slowly that
She picks up only
A low-grade tremor.

Armies of scientists, neurologists scramble to
Jackhammer through to the core
But they barely scratch the surface
Leaving her to scavenge among the debris
For hints to the cause, signs of
The impending impairment

She girds herself in defense against
The plundering of memory
The pillaging of words
With anagrams, scrabble, green tea
Turmeric, aerobics and a litany of smells
The afflicted can no longer smell
Leather, lilac, menthol, smoke, pineapple, strawberry,
Clove, soap, lemon and natural gas.

She knows her arsenal of weapons is a mere
Talisman against an all-out onslaught
Of Alzheimer’s
She hunkers down —praying it will miss her
Or chose another target, one not related
One she will not have to watch diminish

She takes a final whiff for reassurance
Before she turns off the lights
Clove, leather, lemon lilac, menthol
Natural gas, pineapple
Smoke, soap and strawberry

To keep the elephants away

Muriel Fahrion – January 05

Pattern Spotting

I have a gift, propensity for spotting patterns. When it began I cannot say. Iirish Snapshots remember scoring the highest you can in abstract reasoning, 99th percentile in high school. It may have been my favorite test score right up there with scoring tops in logic (1) . Right now for instance I was thinking about Land Rovers in Ireland, the ubiquitous Land Rover covered in dust found heading to the same small town, castle ruin or Celtic ruin where we were heading. Ireland is full of patterns, so for me it mind expanding as I record and store these patterns. It is, in a way, a smaller, easier study then try to figure out the patterns in the US or even patterns in Oklahoma. Grant it had we toured larger cities it may have added too many variables to my pattern observation to make it a valuable study. Junking it up as it were. Be cognizant of the patterns also helps to bring out the uniqueness or note what is absent. Although there is a beauty in pattern observation there is also downside. Pattern observation can be, and has been used as a tool to stereotype. Then there is the problem of setting out to discover patterns in that you might be blinded by your goal and overestimate the occurrences.

I wasn’t looking for patterns they found me. Ireland, being a completely new experience and not having done any significant reading, allowed my brain to open a fresh notebook in which to compile the uninfluenced info that came streaming in. In absence of preconceptions I was able to collect data without being aware of the collecting.

Not so surprising patterns in Ireland: Celtic crosses and Celtic motifs, tractors, sheep blocking the roads, tour buses, rock fences and walls, castle ruins, bed and breakfasts, music pubs, men named Mike, Mickey and Michael, American tourists going to Blarney castle.

Less expected patterns: Land Rovers, Micro brews named after city or towns, Eastern Europeans working in service industries, Brightly painted facades, American country western music being played in pubs (2) , radio stations that were talk radio (3), radio stations that played hip-hop, beautiful scenic byways with absolutely nowhere to stop.

Of course within every pattern are differences (stone fences like snowflakes are each different in how the stones roll and rest). Where I could probably easily point out the differences in fences I would be hard pressed to distinguish between Land Rovers. And tractors seemingly universal provided many more functions than I imagined. Sheep came marked with different pastel spots making their differences detectable at first sight (4) .

Of we captured much of this pictures. Choosing which ones and how to group them for an art show in Spring will study in logic itself.

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Ireland: Rambling from Rocks to Ruins

A Road through the BurrensBack from Ireland at least physically. We found Ireland enchanting. We avoided the cities, stayed in B&B’s, visited ruins, drank pints and listened to music in pubs, rambled the countryside and the in town alleyways and indulged in fresh from the land and sea cuisine. We met some charmed folks mostly Irish but a few delightful tourists as well. We photographed to capture the moments. I kept a journal of our trip. What I have included here is an expanded version of my scrawls. Clicking here to see pictures and/ or read the journal.