A Moving Experience Part ll: Buyers and Sellers

Moving is not new to us but I must say each time is different. In this day of digital everything selling and buying although in a way easier is also some ways more complicated. Preparing the house not only for showing but for its photo op was exhausting. Had my husband and I been younger he not gone through cancer and me constantly dodging kidney stones maybe it wouldn’t have taken so much out of us. We put so much into our house we knew the right people would find it and love it. It would not be your “average” buyer. Much of our collections and art had been stored. I was doing a last minute check and realized I had one of my (tasteful) nude drawings up. I decided to take it down not knowing if it would offend some one’s sensibilities. In the back of the closet was an original Mongolian watercolor of a Mongolian bride. I had sold a number the artist’s works for a friend and in exchange kept this painting. I put it up to replace my drawing. The next showing was to a Master Sergeant and his wife. We had not known before the showing but we’re told later that the wife was a Mongolian artist! Unbelieveable!. the real estate agent excitedly described to us the moment when the Mongolian artist saw the painting she was flabbergasted. She kept saying it was a “Mongolian Princess”. Also in a whimsical moment I also had placed an minature antique door knocker on the door to the under the stairs storage. The doorknocker was of a half timber house. The Mongolian Artist had lived in Germany for many years attaining her art degree from the University of Nuremberg. The half timber reminded her of home. Later she was to tell me that she felt that both the painting and the doorknocker were signs she should own the house.

The new owners of our mountain bungalow are an exuberant and creative family. The Mstr Sgt of Filipino descent was thrilled as well since we were leaving him the grill and the smoker, he being the creative cook in the family.  A had been thinking of leaving her the Mongolian painting. Our realtor cautioned “only if they were nice”. The painting stayed in the mountain bungalow.

Meanwhile back at the Tulsa move we found out we were buying from first time home owners who were still in the 20s! They turned out to be a creative duo as well, she involved in inventive DYI projects (see the urban acres blog) as a homemaker and he a musician and videographer. The house we bought felt homey and personal when I first walked in and even without being told we knew we were buying from creative types because of the guitars hanging on the wall, the shelves of material and the eclectic mix of furnishings and decorative accessories (old suitcases, vintage lamps and the like).

Moving is not just buying and selling it affects a whole chain and change of lives.

More to the story coming, Kids to the rescue, learning the ins and outs of Craigslist.