A Moving Experience Part I

TSoldhe saga began March of this year. The big decision was to move after living in beautiful Medicine Park, OK for 14 years where we lived a very community active and friend surrounded life. Yet there was more practical reasons to move than there was to stay. The two of us are over 70 now (my husband having gone through cancer) and the maintenance of an acre of land on a mountain road was to much to take care of not to mention walking the “Rock” as we called it was getting to be more difficult. There was no way to fence in our land consisting mostly of granite and I was looking forward to having a yard for the dogs to run. Where to move was not a hard decision as our daughter Kim has lived in Tulsa, OK for 14 years give or take. Tulsa offered flat places to walk, ample yards for pups to run, shopping, medical care, culture and daughter (all within a few miles).

OurBungalowBefore we started we knew it would be a major undertaking. We’ve been married 46 years, that’s over 4 decades of accumulation. Of course every time we’ve moved we have divested of some of our stuff but we add as well. Before we put it up we spent 3 weeks of divesting. Many trips to Goodwill, random giving away of quality items including giving the right books to the right folks and the right LP’s, to again, the right folks. We tried to procure a storage locker to stash extras and declutter the house but to no avail. We ended up using every available nook and closet in the house, including our antique vase collection where we called on our friend Sally, an expert at packing all things antique, to come and help.

Meanwhile in Tulsa we were lucky enough to have a top-notch realtor who happened to be a friend of my daughter’s. Sharon Francis of Coldwell Banker figured us out fairly quick after the first house hunt test run. I’d been keeping a Google Map I created called “Tulsa House Hunt” showing houses in the price range and our prefered neighborhoods, Being 3 hours from Tulsa at that time I could send our realtor a list of possibles. She would add others so when our house sold in a short 2 weeks we were ready to travel to Tulsa to do some house hunting. We looked at 4 on one morning and put a bid on that afternoon. It was vastly different style than our custom mountain bungalow which we had designed. We found ourselves buying a 1959 ranch in Mid Town. 200 sq. ft smaller than our bungalow.


I would like to say it was smooth sailing from there but that would a lie. Even though we had a packer, mover and cleaner we could not give them a date because our house was being sold VA, more hoops to jump through and minor repairs to be made. who are experienced at such things. We did not have a finally closing date until 2 days before. Yikes. VA loans can be a bit difficult to deal with but I am glad we could at least help those who serve but listing our house that way.

More to the story coming, getting to know the people we sold and the ones we bought from…