No Cable, No Dish, No Direct TV, No Kidding

When cable became the hot thing back in the late 70s and 80s we were the hold outs. We got calls all the time (too often during dinner) giving us better and better deals if would only subscribe. Our kids were in their growing years. They never really begged us for cable. Or if they did I chose not to hear them. One summer as we sat quietly in the backyard two men walked back our driveway. I assumed because of the suits that they must have been Jehovah Witnesses. It was a bit of shock to find out they were cable salesmen. I guess we were the last hold out in our suburb. We could have afforded it we just didn’t see the need.

1991 we moved (because of job) to Chicago. Our son stayed in Cleveland where he was going to College our daughter 16 came with us kicking and screaming. I promised her cable.

1995 we moved to Oklahoma for a job again. Our daughter was not amused. We kept cable and she got the first cell phone in the family as she went off to college. My interest in cable was minimal. HGTV, A&E, and CNN were the most watched for me. History and Discovery for my husband.

2002  my job disenigrated. We moved to the small town of Medicine Park. Cable was not an option as we lived on a small mountain, although Direct TV and Dish were and are doable our budget was tight we didn’t give a thought to pay for TV. After awhile finances got better and my daughter (now living in Tulsa) thought she’d give us Direct TV for Christmas. My husband and I looked at each other and said “NO thank you” in unison. We didn’t miss it, we didn’t need it and we would rather spend our money on something else.

We have nothing against TV. Currently we watch network TV and PBS starting with the 5 o’clock news and a couple of shows, cop dramas or PBS series a night. Occasionally we take in a movie through HULU. Our TV is hardly ever on after 10:15. If the only offering is reality shows, predictable comedies or reruns we just turn it off.  As for daytime TV we might turn it on for breaking news or sever weather  but that’s the exception.

Let this be a declaration, if you are Cable, Direct or Dish TV salesman don’t waste your time or money sending us any more ads we are not your customer base. I don’t imagine any salesman coming up our steep driveway anyway.

Kyffin watches AFV
Kyffin watches AFV