Music of My Life

Eric Clapton San Francisco Filmore Ad

I keep thinking if I don’t write them down I am going to forget who I saw in concert. What artists I got to hear. Most were in the accompaniment of my husband, Michael but a few weren’t. I have also included Music Festivals and Musical Theatre. Most of the musical acts you will have heard of but some are local talents, worth the mention. I tried to remember dates but we heard so many in the 70’s that it is hard to pinpoint. If my pocketbook was deeper the list would have been longer but I appreciate those live performances. We also shy away from any HUGE venues including baseball stadiums and refuse to pay exorbitant amounts. As John Bassett once sang “I did not go to Woodstock and I might not go again. Just too much confusion for the kinda state I’m in”. So I think we saw the Mama’s and the Papas but I can’t bring up the details. So maybe later tonight I will remember. Yes, I remember details. Occasionally the details end up being more memorable than the music. Like the Throat Singers concert in San Francisco Presidio where our taxi never showed up and we ended up hitchhiking with the performers. Or my teenage son, Colin, calling and calling the radio station so we could get tickets to see the Subdudes at Peabody’s Downunder in Cleveland.

Not in the list but noteworthy are the local bands and singers that are part of the Medicine Park Music Festivals and local drinking establishments including Blueprint and Curly Jackwire, Usual Suspects, Amanda Cunningham and Live to Tell. Also not on the list are the Operas I attended with my Mom because she loved them and my dad didn’t.

Please note that I didn’t actually see Eric Clapton but I did get this flyer and every blog post needs a visual. By the time we saw John Mayhall the Bluesbreakers, Clapton had moved on.

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    My name is Stan Kain. I did all the booking for La Cave 1962 – 1968. La Cave closed in 1969. There was no La Cave in the 70s.

    Thanks Stan. I must attended La Cave in 1968 and 1969. Great job of book BTW.

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