You Got Mail!

One would think if a person has been working with computers since 1985, on the Internet since 1987 (anyone remember CWRU Free-Net?) all their correspondence would be email. One would think. But I am inconsistently unpredictable if nothing else. Ask my family. I have been told that I was the most serendipitous person they knew. I like that. Anyway I still write snail mail to one person. A good friend and former art director from my greeting card days at American Greetings.

I look forward to writing her letters and receiving hers. She hand writes her letters having retired before computers took their place along side paintbrushes in greeting card companies. To add more handcraft she adorns her envelopes in collage style. The envelopes, since they are pictures, are probably worth a thousand words however I am always too eager to get to the content to meditate on their meaning. Her letters expound on garden delights; what rare new fern she has discovered for her Pteridological garden and what affect the current weather is having on her tomatoes. And what would a note from Lily be without one of her political rants, a clipping from the Progressive and copies of her latest letter to the editor? I devour her letters. They cannot be forwarded but can be filed in my sock drawer.

I write back, occasionaly in longhand because I like the feel of the pen in my hand or I am traveling somewhere but more often I type it on the computer and add photos. I like to craft my writing (control issues) and get frustrated if I have to cross out or do inserts with arrows. My envelopes combine my photography with my computer imaging and on occasion poetry of philosophy. Sometimes the envelope is plain but the letter is designed. Last letter I sent a hard copy of one of my posts. It is my way of meeting her half way. (I think that would be someplace near Springfield, IL.)

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