One Stone at a Time

1948 Coca ColaCoke bottle 1948, roller skate remains 1940’s, roller skate 1970’s, Nehi Upper 10 bottle 1954, muffler, broken glass, mussel shells, misc clothing and hundreds of pull tabs dredged from Medicine Creek bottom. Rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks….

What is the experience worth? The uniqueness of the color, the texture, the weight, the shape that made each lifting of a rock different than the last. Taking the muscles and senses out of storage and putting them to work. Sixty volunteers moving in a Seven Dwarf precision, so few words only the sound of rocks splashing as they are thrown in the direction of the shore, the clunking of stone on metal as they hit the wheelbarrows and the groan of the laden down barrows as they wend down the trail.

A day in the sun to ruminate of swimming holes past.

Lifting Rocks in Hot Sun